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I couldn't possibly picture myself without him.Whether taboo or not, it was the best decision I have made in my life.We webcammed for a few weeks, had phone calls, and eventually made it a point to meet each other in real life.That was the best thing we could have done, and have been together since then (Jan '10, for those interested).Speaking as someone in their early 20s, I find this to be a really interesting topic. Most of the people I know from high school see it as some sort of taboo. Why should you not meet someone at a restaurant or bar or lounge in the state I grew up in? I wasn't looking for someone to fall in love with.Why did I feel the need to venture out into the whole of the internet to find the man that I love? I didn't particularly go looking for anything; it just happened. My friends thought it was weird and I'm sure they thought I was looking for it. I was looking for people I related to, that I could talk to.

e Harmony started in 2000, Ok Cupid in 2004, and more recently, a wave of mobile people-swiping apps, like Tinder and Hinge, have become wildly popular.

We each knew what we were looking for, and could give each other some reassurance. We were lucky in that we were both, more or less, a product of the internet.

We knew what we wanted, what we knew would be safe, and how to go about it.

But is this a positive development or something to be concerned about?

Is online dating making the world better and dating more effective, or is something important being lost or sacrificed as a result?

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We refer to these individuals throughout this report as “online daters,” and we define them in the following way: Taken together, 11% of all American adults have done one or both of these activities and are classified as “online daters.” In terms of demographics, online dating is most common among Americans in their mid-20’s through mid-40’s.

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  1. “We became exclusive very quickly.” O’Connor and Sandler got engaged during their third year of law school, graduated in 2006, went on different clerkships, and got married over Labor Day, a year after graduation. “It’s nice to have someone who understands the hours can be crazy and the work demanding.” Kelly had this advice for other law school couples, “You have to talk about everything. She said she knows this from experience: though she and her future husband were living together during bar prep, they decided it would be best if they took separate cars to the exam.