Mount etna radiometric dating

If they are wrong, the method could yield faulty dates that might be far too old.

Although I disagree with his conclusions, he made some valid points, noting that the documentary presented a false dichotomy: either you accept Young Earth Creation (YEC) and flood geology, or you accept the Darwinian account. Since the purpose of the film was to provide evidence for a young earth, it didn’t get side-tracked into discussing alternative interpretations of the Biblical book of Genesis.Dillon did a fair job presenting YEC beliefs, mentioning that, historically, the Genesis account of creation was predominantly understood to represent a 24-hour period and six ordinary days.Evidence of an eruption 5,000 times larger than Mount St.Well before 1800, European intellectuals embraced an unbiblical prehistory.One of the three major arguments advanced to support this prehistory was the time needed to construct Vesuvius, Etna, and other volcanic terrains, relative to the size of observed eruptions.

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