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It is one of the most common questions in records management.

While physically separate file collections can create extra work in terms of management and file retrieval, many records managers are reluctant to adopt a centralized system.

Accordingly, there is no information on record with respect to the officers, directors or members of limited partnerships, or limited liability partnerships.

You may obtain a copy of an entity’s most recent annual report (or other annual reports) by placing an order through our Online Order System at: org/apps/oos/ Or, you may obtain a copy of an entity's most recent annual report (or other annual reports) by submitting a letter request with the service fee, or by filling out and submitting the Records Search and Document Reproduction Request Form with the service fee, for each report requested.

Conditions are characteristics indicating, for example, that an entity has been formed and is in existence; that it is current with its annual report filing requirement; that it has been voluntarily or involuntarily dissolved, or that its name is reserved.At this time, it is not available on the CRIS Web site.Domestic and foreign business and nonstock corporations,and domestic and foreign limited liability companies are obliged to file an annual report.The CRIS status is not an assessment of the entity's financial condition, stability, or business practices.Every corporation that is incorporated under Virginia law, or that has registered with the State Corporation Commission for the privilege of conducting business in Virginia, or that receives income from Virginia sources, must file a Virginia corporation income tax return (Form 500).

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