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I asked him why he had not gotten a divorce yet, and he said he was waiting for his ex-wife to make that decision.

He thought that would be less painful for her if she made it.

That being said, it will be expected that you at least act "father like." How this turns out will more than likely depend on what type of man the father is as well as the age of the kids, and more than likely their gender.

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Trust your inner wisdom on this one: you are at risk of giving your heart away to a man who is still married to another woman.

Ask Where They are in the Process of Their Divorce Are they legally separated? Keep Tabs on Their Progress When you first met your partner, chances are they were in a certain phase of their divorce.

They both want a divorce but there not officially divorced. That being said, realize that you may very well be in a rebound relationship.

Don't expect this to end up being a longterm thing, but rather, enjoy it for what it is and if it turns out to be something more, than so be it. She does have 2 kids with this guy and she said there marriage has been a wreck for a few years.

Even if that doesn’t happen, a divorce, no matter how civil, is nobody’s idea of a good time. So, yes, in a perfect world, people would conclude their previous relationships, paperwork and all, before entering into new ones.

Dear Renita, I met a man online who I think is truly remarkable.

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Ben also separated from his wife two years ago (yet another thing we have in common), but neither he nor his wife filed.

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