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Sorry for the basic questions, but I'm not a database guy. Hi All, I've been tasked with writing a z/OS C program to read and update a table (DB/2 v8).Windows provides a set of standard cursors that are available for any application to use at any time.define its scrolling behavior and the query used to build the result set on which the cursor operates.DECLARE 2 waitsecs CONSTANT PLS_INTEGER := 10; 3 4 CURSOR emp_cur IS SELECT ename, rowid FROM emp FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; 5 emp_rec emp_cur%ROWTYPE; 6 7 resource_busy EXCEPTION; 8 PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT (resource_busy, -54); 9 10 starttime PLS_INTEGER; 11 BEGIN 12 starttime := DBMS_UTILITY.

To draw the default image for a standard cursor, specify the DI_COMPAT flag in the call to Draw Icon Ex.The user or an application can replace the default image associated with any standard cursor at any time.An application replaces a default image by using the Set System Cursor function.Cursor is a database object used by applications to manipulate data in a set on a row-by-row basis, instead of the typical SQL commands that operate on all the rows in the set at one time.For example, you can use cursor to include a list of all user databases and make multiple operations against each database by passing each database name as a variable.

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When you have finished working with a cursor, you should close cursor and deallocate it to release SQL Server resources.

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